Improv: (notes)
1.) The piece is 1 hour long; no more, no less.
2.) Chorus speak for all parts and do not move.
3.) Actors improv with either abstract movement or conventional movement.
4.) Anthony (music) leads; actors follow his sonic direction.
5.) Once we start we do not stop.

The Performance:
Jessie: In the ending I was able to reflect on the process and how I felt about what was going on (was it slow/fast/positive/negative?)

Beginning moment:
- Lindsay: heels are tough.
- Katie: Couple of character traits that appeared:
  • Gray- hands in pockets.
  • Trevor- spiraling.
  • G & T- lot of comedy
- Anthony:
  • When T & G enter the sound has a sort of "march" to it (emulates the "soldier" nature of the two men)
- Katie: Lot of traveling btw the characters.
- Jeremy: There was a moment when Jessie had the fan in btw her knees (interesting moment)
- Katie: The beginning sets the tone of the piece.
- Anthony: Worried about audience coming in, hearing Mariah Carrie, and commenting on the show
- Katie: it's not recognizable enough. It's NOT satisfying, which is GOOD.
- Katie: "inside voices" ??
- Katie: interesting set up of the three women that resembled a sort of family. Keep it, work with it. It was sort of "sistery."
- Jessie: I've been very interested in exploring what I'm saying and what I'm NOT saying but Lily is saying for me.
- Katie: we have a lot of potential for Annie to mirror the movements that you [Jessie] are doing.
- Peter: The shapes changed so much--> The women began very structured and stiff while the men were very flowy.
- Katie: Jessie was doing a very deconstructed/abstracted version of the "pop-lock-and-drop"/"bend-and-snap" motion.
- Katie: Jessie was getting on the ground while traveling somewhere. This horizontal feel related to the act of traveling is interesting.
- Katie: There was a narrative that T&G added in about needing to get somewhere. There was a lot of playing and fighting that was very iconic "boy" stuff.
- Peter: The levels shared btw T&G was an interesting addition to the act of traveling.
- Jeremy: G trying to elevate T was interesting.
- Katie: Jessie spent some time dragging body parts around. She would drop a part of her body and PERHAPS Annie could put her back together.
- Katie: Jessie's shoe/fan shrine.
- During the dynamic dance segment:
  • Jessie: The memories became more corrosive/painful (there was more chaos)
  • Trevor: I was trying to get to her, draw her in.
  • Stephen: First time Trevor and Jessie touch.
  • Anthony: There's a man who has a few outcries.
    • Katie: I wonder if we can have the actors emulate those types of outcries in their dialogue.
  • Katie: there was a sense that Jessie was hallucinating at this point
- Katie: There was NOT a lot of stillness in today's work (which is to be expected), but this is something that we will work towards later on.
- Katie: With such poetic language, finding very literal moments is key.
- Katie: I had a sense of "regularness" when Gray brought the x-mas tree out.
- Katie: the music cut-outs were nice.
- Katie: the shadow play was beautiful. Is there a way that we could incorporate?

Last 20 mins.
- Lily: It was interesting to see Jessie and Trevor have this long span of time together to find different levels of being "together" (post-marriage)
- Jessie: Where do we want the play to end?
  • Katie: a swift ending is valuable. We want to have a final build to a climactic moment that is immediately ended upon.
- Katie: towards the end when the Chorus read one line every few minutes it was as though their lines became titles for scenes we then watched take place on stage.
- Lily: There were moments where our (the chorus) inflections gave attitude to the lines.
- Anthony: We might explore recording the chorus and doubling/manipulating their lines/voices.
- Katie: This week I would like to work on having Jessie speak and the chorus members imitate the way Jessie is speaking or even harmonize.
- Katie: tonight the actors were emoting while the chorus was apathetic or neutral, I wonder if we might invert that one rehearsal.

Hey guys, here are some dance/lighting inspirations that spoke to me after our first rehearsal. Potentially completely inappropriate, but things that interest me and came to me while rolling around on the ground yesterday.



Chunky Move