Warm-up techniques by Jessie
Electric slide with stomping — American and Japanese
I wander aimlessly...: Chorus psychotic voices worked, Annie stepping out, shove
Scene 5: Bon Jovi, the slower the better, oohing under Trvor, Grey decorarting tree, Booty-rolls,
Trevor's voice going from slow to regular, Trevor/Grey lift
Shite is the SR, and the Waki is the SL position
Jesse said a sentence and people joined in whispering along

Line-dancing — learned 2 dances (old-lday with claps in rainbow and complex Teen competetion peice), slowed down
jump in contrast to slowness is cool
Lindsay 1st page:
Annie waching dog then joining Lindsay when Jessie enters
Translation A to B
Translation Dolly to A text
Jessie confused
Page 13 tableaux series — then as a company of amateur actor (below) :

1.)"Once a man's heart has grown attuned to constancy, attuned to constancy."

2.)"He need pray no more: the gods will protect him."

3.)"Each one of us too has a moon of enlightenment."

4.)"That shines on unclouded."

5.)"Though we live out our lives never suspecting its presence."

6.)"A jewel is stitched in our robes."

7.)"But the sting of love makes us forget."

8.)"And we are all too apt to pray not for eternal salvation
but to remain in this world, the same world with our lovers."

  • Slow line dancing with text from Jessie
  • Recorded Jessie and Trevor, put them together, and produced them at different time signatures/pitches.
- Started with Jessie (3 different pitches)
- Added on the chorus speaking her higher and lower pitches/Jessie acted on lines as well
- Then Jessie lipsynced while performing
- Trevor sang Bon Jovi (slowed down) and at dif. pitches
- Then Trevor lipsynced live while the recorded version of himself played in the background ("I carried this fan next to my skin")

  • Replayed the electric slide
  • Lindsay talked along with line dancing
- Karaoke
  • Mariah Carrie
- Cast listened to the song slow down
- Cast sings with the song slowed down
- Cast sings acapella with Anthony's fireworks.
  • Lindsay speaking with electric slide
  • Lindsay speaking in 5/4 for opening monologue
>**Proprietress in love with Jessie

>Annie taught Sazuki walks
>We paired them with characters
-Annie did "duck walk" carrying Jessies shoes while Jessie does Barbie walk
-Trevor was doing manly walk while Gray was doing screwy walk
- Line dancing with Bella (surprise guest)--Actors could only unfreeze when Bella "activated" them
>Fan dances
- Japanese and burlesque
- Anthony shows up
- Anthony assigns tones to footsteps
  • Lindsay spoke first monologue among the walking
  • Cast walks to their starting positions based off of Anthony's playing
>Spoke to the rhythm of Desperado and the chorus sang along during the chorus portion of Desperado