September 11th,

Working with Jessie Shelton on Japanese training technique (possible work out).

NOTE: This is

- 1st: find center (by pubic bone) in terms of breath

- hips opened by out-turned feet
- arms at side, neutral, hands in slight fist
- legs slightly bent
- 10 to go down 10 to go up (heels stay up until the end)
- 30 to go down 30 to go up
  • 17 start speaking (sharp breath)
- *focus is 45 degrees up from looking straight forward (and out)* (no peripheral focus)

- To the side:
- knees slightly bent
- pelvis scooped in
- foot moving backward: top of foot remains/slides on ground
- once right knee hits the floor, begin listing/sliding to the right (or left depending on drill)
- come back up, keeping body straight

On the ground:
"Primordial Soup"
- face down on the ground (random position)
- breathing into same center
- energy it takes to lift yourself out of "primordial slime" on the floor
- start as a bacterium, moving through states of evolution to homo-sapien
- release sounds (often bizarre)

- start in the back, knees slightly bent
- 1) move one leg forward on an inhale (front leg is bent, back leg is straight)
- 2) move next leg in to original position on exhale

- 1) kick leg out and in to a 90 degree angle (bent knee--foot is slightly flexed and parallel to the floor) [inhale] {in this position she might say, "giggle" or "mona-lisa smile" or "cry"}
- 2) stomp foot down to parallel position (all about keeping the body centered and not wobbling) [exhale]
- 3) slide that same foot forward like in walking exercise [inhale]
- 4) then slide back foot in " [exhale]

- 1) kick leg to 90 as before [inhale]
- 2) stomp [exhale]
- 3) slide forward [inhale]
- 4) up on the balls of the feet (both legs straight)
- 5) back down back to (1) [exhale]

walking with legs turned out:
1,2 (breathing is the same as the first walking exercise)
- 1) foot slides forward 45 degrees
- 2) bring other foot to meet it

- 1) foot forward [inhale]
- 2) bring other foot to position [exhale]
- 3) squat down [inhale]
- 4) back up [exhale]

Laying face up on the floor:
- starting position is neutral, arms down at sides
- initiating from that same center--come up in any position
- inhale as you come up, exhale as you go down
- "don't get intelectual"
- sometimes 'gasping for air'

- Neutral: legs a bit more than shoulder distance apart, squatting with feet flat on the ground, completely bent over, arms rotated over with arms straight, hands in gentle fists, head hanging down [collapsed over]
- Middle: on the balls of the feet, , knees slightly bent, body is upright
- Low: head up, squatting but with heels up
- Up: relevée, legs straight

*Wrote Haikus and applied the images from them to these drills.


Fan Walk:
- Lateral movement through the "fan-like" motion of ones feet (aka feet go in semi-cirlces "out, together, out, together")

Skirt Walk:
- Pigeon toed semi-circle

Cross Deal:
- High knee
- Step
- Cross
- Repeat

High toe (barbie walk)
- Like wearing heels.
- Slide feet

Serving Platter Walk:
- Crouched
- Hands like serving platter