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I saw this photo and thought you guys might think it was cool. I think it's the coolest chandelier i've ever seen.external image bacterioptica-front.jpgHere's the link..... http://www.madlabllc.com/projects/?p=135 Nature should be MOST artificial thing. It is not magical, though maybe it could be more exciting... I think it's worth it for us to continue to test out other options for the trees. Though it was shot down, I'd like us to consider a tacky painting or poster as our pine tree, perhaps attached to the back speaker tower. Or a plastic christmas tree.(I'm not joking.) I'm also open to looking into other configurations and designs for the speakers.

I understand what you mean completely. I wonder though whether we need to put actually artificial nature in this world, or perhaps allow nature to FEEL artificial in the world that we end up creating. I feel like the two are contradictory. Please see this photo as a reference. Nature feels artificial to me juxtaposed on this man made and linear surface. It retains the magical and transportative (yes I made that word up) quality, especially in this superposed format. Is there any intrigue in this by anyone?

Of the ceiling comments the one that rings most true with me is the low ceiling idea. I'm interested in investigating practical lighting for this.

Here is a random assortment of images using non-traditional point sources, just for our own edification. I'm having difficulty with any of these creating a canopy. The obvious choice is a string of carnival lights, however, I'm not sure how they would relate to the diner. I could assimilate them to stars or the nigh sky perhaps. I would be interested to see what a string of vertical lights, or an array of vertical luminescent things would feel like in terms of providing a sense of forest and nature, but not being literal, perhaps on the US side of the deck, mixed in with whatever speaker orientation we end up with.

My fear of a ceiling of small lamps would be it would look to carnival like. I would hope that we will be inspired by some style of fixture in one of these diners that can help us define what the shape of these might take.