Preparing for Monday:

- Found music when slowed down it has a sort of "foundational"/"metronome" quality to it.
  • People hear and FEEL click
  • We need to lock the actors in to the rhythm/groove of the music.
- Establish a game plane:
  • What are they going to listen to and when.
  • Explain why the actors are listening to whatever music we play for them.
- Contact microphones
  • Pick up physical vibration NOT soundwaves (could create very interesting aural experience)
- Have to analyze the set up/usage of speaker stacks (are they helpful or hurtful in different configurations)
  • Sound coming from different places
  • Embracing the aural reaction to speakers turned at each other. (Sound that projects directly at another sound creates something very interesting

- Audio and Visual can become partnered in the quest for rhythmic design
  • If actor moves one way to the music, the light moves the opposite working in concert with arrhythmic sound
  • Enslaving lighting to the music. Action, audio, and lighting comes from the same origin.
- Color:
  • Searching for an arch
  • So far==> starts very saturated, moves to unsaturated, and finishes saturated (X-mas lights!!)
  • Bring rehearsal into the light lab once or twice.
- X-mas lights:

- 3 pairs of 2

  • Ladyhan and her servant, Yoshida and his servant, Chorus and "Sound operator"
- Ladyhan:

  • She's a diva
  • Very stylized
  • Gets closer to Yoshida's "era' towards the end of the play

  • Carey Grant
  • quintessential 50's male movie star
- Chorus:

  • formal wear

Set: (changes)**
- Floor now represents linoleum floor
  • The floor should be worn down (not dirty necessarily, but worn down by scuffing),
- Speaker stack are now varied (forward, back, forward, back) to create 3 little "nooks" where chorus and sound designers will be located.
- 2 types of backdrops
  • 1) Full pine tree backdrop (one piece)
  • 2) Individual pine trees (vertical panels) directly behind the speaker stacks giving the impression that the speaker stacks have pine tree shadows.
- Table tops for cholkjrus and sound designer could resemble diner bar.
- Hashigakari is created using only sound and light
  • every time someone steps on it the "material" may change (water, dirt, leaves...etc.)