- Stage is now at 8 inches
-JUST A THOUGHT Can we rotate the stage 45 degrees so that there would be a more dynamic space?
- Problem: This means that the hashigakari would have been on a side of the stage and not one of the corners.
- Problem: This takes away from the presentational feel of the stage we have now.

- Josh: Thought about it, still think that the speakers need to be scenically made (they need to look the same)
- Anthony: There are only two models of speaker in which there are 7 that we could use.
- Katie: No problem with the speakers being artificial, but they should make sound.
  • Putting a real speaker on top of the artificial speakers is fine as long as the illusion is there.

Floor treatment:
- If the the floor is going to look dirty than it needs to have a strong underlying tonality (more color/vitality)
- Josh is going to move forward with a mixture between the color/tone of the red floor and the roughness/color of the yellow (skin tone) floor.
- Spots where furniture has been will be more saturated and darker.

Leaves and Snow drop:
- We have a snow drop, but is there room for a leaf drop?
>Jeremy & Josh:
- Can we have the leaves that are falling painted black and shiny ("dewy")
- This gives an abstraction to the falling of leaves.
- Also, Anthony can add an abstract, sonic atmosphere to the falling of leaves
- One colored leaf will fall on top of the black leaves.

- dress can inflate
- fan is struck

Female servant
- dressed in a studded denim onesy.

Lady Han:
- plug in, light up cape (unsure of where she'll plug in yet)
- Cape should zip off of her shoulder piece (someone will need to help fully remove her cape)
- the head piece is composed of large, gold studs
- her fan will attach to her head piece at the conclusion and light up
- All women are wearing wigs (except for the chorus)

Yoshida and his servant:
- 50's, streamlined, normal guys
- his fan is going to be a folded piece of newspaper
- the fabric will have some shine to it

- "roadies" of the show
- two actresses look "kinda Dykie"
- shirts are two toned Andy Warhol style depictions of Lady Han
- is there a way to make the chorus look grungy, BUT fabulous as well?

- Six midi keyboards, 2-4 monitors
- The brain is in the booth