Notes after presentation:
Josh (Scenic)

Peter (Costumes)
Q: Will the costume inflate in front of the audience?
A: Yes

Jeremy (Lights)

Anthony (Sound)

- Costumes is getting pretty close so we're going to move forward with purchasing materials.
- Scenic is still a little over, needs to work on cutting back slightly.
- Not a good idea to ADD anything to load-in, we should be working on LESS "stuff" (i.e. less lights, not more)

Elise (1st rehearsal)
- Start with intros
- Read both versions of the script
- Small presentation from the designers
- Get up and run it
- Throw out the "rough stuff" and keep the moments we want to explore

Next Design Meeting:
- (10-14-2010) @ 6:30 between Katie, Jeremy and Josh.